Season 5 of Diwali Dhoom has triumphed yet again!

The grand finale of our Diwali Dhoom celebration was nothing less than a festival of joy and talent. The mothers, with their group dance, brought a vibrant energy that was simply unparalleled, mesmerizing us with their spirited performances.


The Antakshari segment was the heart of the evening, drawing in enthusiastic participation and creating an atmosphere filled with vibrant competitive spirit. The audio rounds and the ingenious dumb charades segment infused the event with laughter and lively rivalry.


Stand-up comedy was a riot, unleashing waves of laughter that echoed through the night.


Meanwhile, our beloved grandparents indulged in timeless games like Ludo, carrom, and cards, weaving a tapestry of sweet nostalgia and togetherness into our celebration.


As we wrap up Diwali Dhoom Season 5, our hearts are full of gratitude towards everyone who made this event unforgettable. Watch this space for what’s next – we’re just getting started!