Sangam School of Excellence and Sangam Elementary School celebrated its Annual Day on 13th October ( Primary) and on 14th October ( Seniors) 2018. A splendid show which was a colourful and entertaining fiesta of talent and creativity. The Annual exhibition “Cosmos of Cartoons’- 1920-2018 was the crowd-pleaser, a journey through the era of cartoons appealed to and appreciated by all age groups. Academic, co-curriculars and Student of the Year awards were the major sections of the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony. Sangamites rocked the show and proved the saying right that stars are not just born but created with zeal, passion and hard work. ‘My Alma mater’ – school life depiction by Sangam Elementary kids, Puppet show, hindi play- ‘Kahani Junction’ and ‘Sandhya Kaal ka Sachh’, Grand Finale by Tanzeel, stole the show on the two days.

This Diwali School is hosting Various events not only for our kids but for their Mom’s and Dad’s to showcase their talents and relive their childhood coming out of mundane life. Also a bug time to create a great bonding among each other.Rangoli, Sports Event, Duet Singing,Family Dance, Couple Dance and more surprises to happen on the special day.We are thrilled to invite you all and Lets together burst the crackers of laughter and lit lights and make this Diwali a Wonderful Day to remember in our whole new Family of Sangam Elementary School.